Tips For Creating A Sales Incentive Program

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Instituting a sales incentive program can be an excellent way of boosting the overall productivity and performance of your workers. However, individuals will often find that setting up one of these programs can be far more difficult than they may have anticipated. To make sure that your experience with organizing a sales incentive program is productive and thorough, there are several tips that you should use as you design this program.

Avoid Setting Impossible Goals

It can be common for managers to want to set the most aggressive goals possible for the sales programs. However, it can be easy for individuals to inadvertently set these goals far too high, and this can prove to be discouraging to employees as they may find that it is impossible to reliably meet these goals. You may be better able to meet the need of balancing aggressive with realistic goals by setting a sliding scale. This can allow employees to aim for the most aggressive rewards while still being rewarded if they fail to meet these sales targets.

Create A Handout Detailing The Rules For The Sales Program

The rules governing the sales program must be understood by all of your workers if it is to be successful. Otherwise, you can have situations where an employee may think that they deserve one reward but receive a lower tier reward. This can be very frustrating and discouraging for employees. You can combat this potential problem by providing workers with printouts hat clearly detail the rules and policy of the sales program. In the event that the employee is incorrect in their understanding of the potential rewards, it will be more difficult for your business to be held responsible as the employee will have had a copy of the rules the entire time.

Always Follow Through With The Reward Structure

Some business owners may offer rewards for their sales incentive program with little intention of honoring these rewards. However, this is both unethical and potentially illegal as the sales program may represent a contract between the employer and the worker. Unfortunately, some businesses may wait to procure these prizes until the end of the sales contest, but this can lead to complex problems as there may be instances where it can be all but impossible to get the reward that was promised. For example, it is common for tickets to concerts or other major events to be rewarded in sales programs. By buying the tickets at the start of the contest, it will be possible to avoid the issue of the event selling out before the end of your contest.

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