The Benefits Of Hotel Parking At Airports

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If you are flying out of an airport to go on vacation, one of the decisions you have to make is how to get to the airport. If you drive yourself to the airport, you may think that parking it in the airport parking lot is your only option. However, there may be another option in the hotel parking near the airport. When you stay the night at the hotel the night before your flight, you can pay to park at the hotel. Here are a few of the benefits associated with hotel parking at airports.

You Can Maximize Your Sleep for Early Morning Flights

Many people fly out bright and early in the morning. If you have an early morning flight, you may be nervous about making it to the airport on time. You have to hope your alarm clock goes off, that there is no traffic or accidents that cause a delay, and you are not tired from having to wake up, load up your car and hit the road. You can maximize your sleep and calm your nerves by staying at a hotel right near the airport the night before your flight. You won't have to worry about traffic, you can schedule a wake-up call with the hotel, and you can sleep as much as possible before you wake up. 

The Hotel Shuttle Takes You Directly to Your Airline Terminal

Another benefit of hotel parking at the airport is that the hotel takes you directly to your airline terminal. When you park at the airlines, the parking garage is often away from the terminal. You have to haul all of your luggage to the shuttle stop, load it on the shuttle bus that takes you to the terminal, and then load it from the shuttle stop into your terminal. When you use a hotel shuttle, the shuttle takes you directly to the terminal, reducing the hassle of loading and unloading luggage. 

Hotel Parking is Usually Cheaper Than Airport Parking

The final benefit of hotel parking at the airport is that parking per day at hotels is often cheaper than the daily rate at the airport itself. If you are looking to save money on your parking expenses, hotel parking might be your best option. 

If you are planning on flying out of an airport and you want to drive yourself to the airport, hotel parking may be a great option for you. Take the time to look at hotels in the area that offer this type of service and then compare the price of the hotel for your one night stay and the daily cost of leaving your car at the hotel while you are away. Contact a company like Park at Dulles for more information.

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