Sportfishing Charter: Chasing Down Giants In Blue Water

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If you're looking to book a sportfishing charter this fall, you're probably looking to chase the down giant fish of a lifetime. The best deep sea fishing charters captains give their clients the opportunity to catch big fish in many exciting ways.

Here are some of the options you'll likely have when you book a trip with a sportfishing charter.

Getting Jigging With It!

Some of the best sportfishing charter opportunities can be found on remote, offshore reefs and wrecks. If you opt for this type of fishing, prepare to lock down your drag and hold on for the ride.

  1. Vertical Jigging: Once your sportfishing charter boat captain gets you near a reef or wreck, they will likely have you drop down a bucktail jig baited with a hunk of squid. This type of fishing is perfect for targeting species like Goliath Grouper, Red Snapper, and sharks of all varieties. To make your vertical jigging more effective, it helps to let the fish completely eat your bait before you set the hook. If you don't get bites initially, your sportfishing charter boat captain can have you experiment with different baits, jig colors, and yo-yo patterns. In many cases, fish are likely to bite when the jig is falling. Because vertical jigging involves hooking fish directly below you, you might not feel much of a tug, but you'll certainly feel the weight of the fish. 
  2. Drop-Shot: For smaller species like Mangrove Snapper, Gag Grouper, and Hogfish, your sportfishing charter boat captain might have you use a modified drop-shot rig. To effectively drop-shot, you'll need to resist the urge to set the hook forcefully. Similar to vertical jigging, you'll want to simply reel into the fish when you feel weight or a tug at the end of your line. 

Trolling for Success

Many sportfishing charter boat captains encourage their clients to opt for a trolling approach to cover more water to find big fish.

  1. Birds Don't Lie: Mother Nature's signal for a feeding frenzy in deep blue water is often a flock of birds congregating in an area. When you're trolling for sport fish like Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Cobia, you should keep a look out for flocks of birds. Your sportfishing charter boat captain can run your trolling plugs near the area. You can also start probing the area for hungry fish with topwater lures. 

For more information, contact a sportfishing charter service.

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