Consider A Kayak Trip For Your Next Vacation Adventure

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Taking a trip on a river in a kayak can be a great adventure, and if you are looking for something different to do for your next family vacation, you might want to consider it. Kayak rentals are easy to find, and if you have never kayaked before, there are guide companies that can teach you to navigate and guide you on the water. 

Guided Trips

When considering a kayak trip, you may want to look for a company in the area you want to visit that offers kayak rentals and guides to help you get started. Call ahead and make a reservation for the time you will be there, and be sure to ask about instructors and guides if you need them. 

Some guide companies book fast in the typical vacation months, so you may want to book your trip offseason if the weather is still okay to kayak in. The guide company can tell you what is available and when the best time is to visit the area to get the most from the trip. 

While summer might be busiest for them, you may enjoy a trip down the river in autumn so you can enjoy the fall colors if the temperature is warm enough and if kayak rentals are still available. 

Overnight Trips

There are some tremendous overnight kayak outings that you may want to consider if you are open to camping. The guide company can set up a trip that takes you along the river to a spot where you will camp overnight and then continue the next day. These trips can be great for people looking for a getaway and who don't want to stay in a resort or hotel while on vacation. 

Most of these trips include the kayak rental, the camping, and the food and drinks throughout the journey. You may want to camp one night or several, so talk to the tour company about the options when booking your kayak adventure.

Rentals For Experienced Kayakers

If you have experience with kayaks or even have your own but do not want to take it with you on your vacation, you may want to find a kayak rental shop when you arrive and just rent what you need while you are there. If you do not need training or a guide, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on the rental. 

It is still important to call ahead to get the kayak size and type you want when you arrive. If the kayak rental shop is popular, you may not get the boat you wish to without a reservation, so make this call first in case you need to change dates to get the kayaks you want for your trip.

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